The most popular Rio Olympic subway opened today.

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The Rio Olympic subway opened today. All the trains are made in China. On July 30, Rio de Janeiro Metro Line 4 was officially opened to traffic. Xinhua News Agency

although the new subway is still empty, it will be packed with tens of thousands of passengers from all over the world from August 5. Brazilian Rio de Janeiro mayor PAEs excitedly described that what he mentioned was Rio Metro Line 4. On July 30, the opening ceremony of Rio Metro Line 4 was held in Baha'i District of Rio. Because the line connects the urban area of Rio and Baha'i District, where the Olympic Park, one of the main venues of the Olympic Games, it is also known as the Olympic Metro

all the trains running on Metro Line 4 are made in China, and this is not the first time that Chinese trains have served a large event held in Brazil. As early as during the 2014 World Cup, the EMUs provided by China had brought convenient watching experience to countless spectators

Rio began to enter the Olympic time

on the same day, acting president temer of Brazil got on the train from the virgin of peace Station of Metro Line 4 in the south of Rio, took the subway to the Ocean Park Station in Baha'i District, and attended the opening ceremony there. Temer said in his speech that many infrastructure projects in the preparatory process of the Rio Olympic Games, including Rio line 4, will be an important heritage of Rio. We began to enter Olympic time. Rio de Janeiro is the capital of Rio state, and on August 5, Rio will become the capital of the world

although recent international terrorist attacks have occurred frequently, and foreign athletes arriving in Rio have also been robbed from time to time, temel has repeatedly expressed confidence in the success of the Rio Olympic Games. Temer said: first of all, we have taken strict security measures in Rio to ensure the smooth progress of the Olympic Games. We have sent police and troops and cooperated with international intelligence agencies; In addition, Brazil is a country that has hosted many large-scale international competitions and conferences, and has accumulated a lot of experience. On the issue of security, we are very confident

in order to ensure the safety of the Olympic Games, the Brazilian Ministry of justice, the Ministry of national defense and other departments held many meetings to discuss security measures, and established a Joint Secretariat for the safety of major events, which played an important role during the 2014 World Cup and other major events. In addition, in order to improve transportation, the Rio municipal government and the state government spent a total of 14.5 billion reais (about US $4.471 billion) on transportation transformation in preparation for the Olympic Games. Rio city has newly built urban light rail, two new BRT lines, and renovated existing subway stations and some urban roads

temel said at the opening ceremony that when Rio succeeded in bidding for the Olympic Games in 2009, he had some worries. But when I came here again a few years later, I found that everything was improving. Especially this time, I saw that Metro Line 4 could bring real convenience to many local families

Rio Metro Line 4 has a total length of 16 km. During the Olympic Games, it runs every 8 minutes on average. From August 1 to 4, Olympic related staff, officials, etc. can take Metro Line 4 with certificates. After August 5, spectators can take the subway with Olympic tickets. In order to better understand all the standard systems and the new standards, the subway operation time during the Olympic Games can be extended to 2 a.m. at the latest. CRRC Changchun rail car Co., Ltd., which produces trains, will also guarantee the safety of trains during the Olympic Games. The 8 working hours in the daily quality assurance will be changed to 24 working hours in the whole day. Three shifts will be implemented in the morning, noon and evening to ensure that vehicles leave the warehouse and return to the warehouse without fault

made in China brings convenience and convenience.

Rio's Metro Line 4, which connects the BAHA Olympic Park and the urban area along the coastal highway, plans to transport 300000 people a day, reduce the number of vehicles traveling on the road by 2000 a day during the peak period, and shorten the time from the urban area of Rio to the core area of the Olympic Games by about half an hour

during the Olympic Games, spectators will take the train made in China to reach the Olympic venues more conveniently. Claudia, a local Brazilian media, told the newspaper that line 4 will solve the problem of difficult travel for Rio citizens. The Chinese train on line 4 runs fast and smoothly, and the riding experience is very good. The seats in the first subway train are silver, which looks comfortable and generous

rodriguevieira, director of the transportation department of Rio de Janeiro, said in an interview with this newspaper that they are very satisfied with the quality and design of the trains made in China, and the Rio state government plans to purchase more Chinese trains in the future. Referring to the safety of the subway, he said that the line had been in internal trial operation for more than a year. All trains used for line 4 have been systematically tested on the original line 1 and line 2, and everything is running well. The design, manufacture and operation of the train comply with international standards

wanghuaifeng, the overseas representative of CRRC Changchun rail car Co., Ltd., introduced to this newspaper that CRRC has been paying close attention to the Brazilian market since 2008. Up to now, a total of four urban railway passenger car projects have been signed, with a total number of 604 contracted vehicles and a total contract amount of nearly 6billion yuan. The Rio Metro Line 4 project was signed in 2013, with a total of 15 groups of 90 vehicles. Besides Metro Line 4, Chinese made trains also run on other lines

Olympic subway has become a valuable asset

Rio Metro Line 4 is the largest urban infrastructure project in Latin America in recent years, and will also be a valuable asset left by the Rio Olympic Games. Statistics from the Vargas foundation, a Brazilian think tank, show that after the metro is put into operation, the commuting time from downtown Rio to Baja district will be significantly shortened. The operation of Rio Metro Line 4 is also conducive to reducing the traffic accident rate and air pollution

the project started in 2010, took 6 years, and created 30000 direct and indirect jobs. Due to the special landform and high mountains in the middle, many difficulties were encountered during the construction. When passing through densely populated areas, the line adopts the most advanced international technology to reduce the impact on local residents and infrastructure. About 340 companies and 200 experts and consultants participated in the subway construction and related work

after the opening of the subway, it will bring newer, faster, more modern, sustainable and efficient transportation alternatives to local residents and tourists. Rio citizen Roberto lives in Baha'i District, but he works in downtown Rio. Due to traffic congestion during peak hours, he used to spend nearly 5 hours on the road every day. After the opening of Metro Line 4, he can save nearly 2/3 of the travel time with more than 70000 professional visitors from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. It's great. You don't have to stop and go on the congested roads any more

in his speech, PAEs specially mentioned that in the preparation for the Beijing Olympic Games, many related infrastructure supporting projects have been established, leaving Beijing citizens with huge public wealth resources. Rio also hopes to leave more benefits to citizens with the help of the Olympic Games, which is what the Rio municipal government has been doing. Rio Metro Line 4 will be open to all the public after the Olympic Games. After that, the line will be further expanded to benefit the whole Rio city

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