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On February 24, it was learned from the Guangzhou Branch of the people's Bank of China that on January 30, the first carbon emission right transaction in Guangzhou was officially launched. The people's 3D printing forming principle mainly includes FDM/sls/sla cross-border settlement business in three currencies

the specific transaction mode of this business is as follows: overseas member institutions handle transaction settlement in Guangzhou carbon exchange and buy 100000 tons of carbon emission quota. According to the market price of the day, the transaction amount is about 1.32 million yuan, and the transaction funds are settled through the NRA account of Guangzhou Branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank. This business is of great significance for Guangdong Province to make full use of modern financial resources to implement the green driven development strategy, support industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and take the innovation road of green development

at the beginning of January 2018, the people's Bank of China issued the notice on further improving RMB cross-border business policies and promoting trade and investment facilitation (YF [2018] No. 3, hereinafter referred to as "No. 3 document") to support enterprises to use RMB cross-border settlement and launch RMB cross-border settlement business for carbon emissions trading. Subsequently, at the end of January, an overseas energy company purchased 100000 tons of carbon emission quota in Guangzhou carbon emission right exchange, which opened the first RMB cross-border settlement business of carbon emission right trading in Guangzhou. Previously, the company also opened a special RMB deposit account for carbon trading of overseas institutions (hereinafter referred to as "NRA") to handle the receipt and payment of funds under carbon emission rights trading. This business is also another successful example of the recent initiative of Guangdong Provincial People's government and Guangzhou Branch of the people's Bank of China to promote the innovation of cross-border financial business relying on "nra+" as a special account

as early as more than two years ago, Guangzhou Branch of the people's Bank of China was planning to vigorously develop green finance cross-border RMB settlement business. In february2015, the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission issued the implementation rules of the Guangdong Development and Reform Commission on the management of carbon emission quotas as the name suggests, which made it clear that carbon emissions should be installed on the basis of concrete, and the quotas should be traded through the trading platform, and Guangdong carbon emission right trading was officially launched. Guangzhou Branch of the people's Bank of China immediately assigned special personnel to Guangzhou Carbon Research Institute for many times to understand the background of business launch and the capital flow of transaction, actively communicate with Guangzhou carbon research institute to understand the actual needs of overseas institutions to participate in domestic carbon emission trading, and make preparations for business development

After the issuance of Document No.

3, Guangzhou Branch of the people's Bank of China made contact with the transaction subjects with urgent business needs and its opening bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Guangzhou Branch, as soon as possible, to guide overseas institutions to participate in the preliminary work of carbon emission trading and mobilize the enthusiasm of market subjects. At the same time, we had in-depth exchanges with the member units of Guangzhou Carbon Research Institute and carefully guided the business process, covering the access management, account opening and use, data submission, etc. of overseas trading institutions, laying a solid foundation for the smooth implementation of overseas institutions' participation in domestic carbon emission trading business

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