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Italian network printing company launched a new packaging department

Italian network printing company has formed an independent department to meet the growing demand for packaging services, and the new mechanism is to support investment

the company is providing printing services across Europe and has purchased a new lithography Ossi for Arizona 350 box size XT matching system, which is 64 cm and 45 cm large

the company also purchased a new rabollini die-cutting machine, which can accurately outline the box size of 160cm 120cm. The latter kit also has a high-quality pressing plate speed

when the original phase of the new machine complements the existing production line, it includes 8 Zund planners, because there is no pruning precision cutting, 6 HP indigo 7000 printer, which is used to print small to medium-sized boxes

the company also made a catalogue. At any time, scientists developed highly practical prefabricated perforated plastic tiles to provide personalized requirements and detailed packaging services to expand the scope. The catalogue contains information on the following three categories of products and a range of packaging and design illustrations of various types, - promotions, deliveries and folders

these promotional series package products made of this kind of plastic, which can be digested in acid, including boxes of various sizes and shapes. Dekkers also pointed out the details of Bayer materials technology's plan to enter the stock market, the delivery route provides elegant and lasting packaging customers, and the folder range provides various forms of customer folders

once customers choose a product, they can download a template and make personalized graphic attachments and things. Generally, they should be marked with response signs and specifications and printed before sending documents. Then delivered in packaging for 24 or 48 hours throughout Europe

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