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Italian food machinery exports rank first in the world

according to the Italian Foreign Trade Commission station (ice) and the Italian Association of food machinery manufacturers (assofoodtec) station, in the past two years, the Italian food machinery industry has overcome many adverse factors and achieved steady development. In terms of main indicators, in 2005, the output value was 3.2 billion euros, which was higher than that of Futures: Coke 1501 fluctuated and increased by 2.1% annually, leading to uncertainty of accuracy%; Exports reached 1.924 billion euros, an increase of 2.6 percent; The number of employed people reached 17800. It is estimated that the output value will reach 3.396 billion euros this year, an increase of 6.1%; Exports will reach 2.087 billion euros, an increase of 8.5%. In terms of export indicators, Italy is now the country that exports the most food machinery in the world, ranking ahead of Germany and the United States. The main export markets are the European Union (28.5%), Africa (27.8%), Asia (19.2%), and other European countries (13.2%). Among them, the export to China in 2005 was 5.1093 million euros, an increase of 1.6 times; The import of food machinery from China reached 1.076 million euros, an increase of 3.86 times

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