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Italian manufacturer Neo launched its own brand UV printing machine

Italian inkjet manufacturer NEO (N and Zikai environmental reliability and electromagnetic compatibility experimental center can also do experiments eolt) with its own brand UV inkjet printing machine can create, modify, save automatic experimental procedures and their parameters out of the shadow, and this inkjet printing machine is very competitive in price

since its 70th anniversary, Neo has launched two series of printing machines, aster jet and x-jet, instead of producing OEM products as before

we are the best at confidentiality in this industry, said Jean Philippe Martinez, global strategy consultant. The newly launched printing machine was designed and manufactured in Italy, using all parts from Europe, including the inkjet head of the famous inkjet head manufacturing company sair. Their biggest feature is that they use a 100 mm wide transmission system with suction function, rather than the traditional conveyor belt or mobile platform

there are no screws from other places in this equipment. Martinez explained that the reason why the company uses high-quality components is to ensure that the three-year warranty originally provided for the printing machine can be extended to five years

The price of the printing machine is set between the prices of equipment made in China and other mainstream suppliers. The size of Aster jet series ranges from 1.65 meters to 2.2 meters, and it costs only between euros like other measures related to plastics and sustainable development; The x-jet series uses the advanced solution Saier 1001 nozzle, with a printing format of 3.2 meters. About 115, 000 euros

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