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Italian plastic machinery group is involved in the production of BMW's new carbon fiber car

Italian equipment supplier cannon group announced that it had participated in the production of BMW carbon fiber reinforced electric vehicles as a supplier

Conlon, headquartered in trezzano, Italy, provides mechanical equipment for Benteler SGL's automotive composite epoxy resin processing technology and produces carbon fiber reinforced plastics

benteler SGL company is a joint venture between German Benteler automobiltechnik company and German SGL company, and will use Conlon equipment in its factory in ried, Austria. The factory produces about ten kinds of carbon fiber parts, supplying the BMW I3 launched in November last year and the I8 launched this year

the details of these parts to realize the composite of carbon nanodots and MOF materials are not disclosed, but Benteler SGL's expertise in structural parts includes doors, rocker and A-pillar, seat shell and rear spoiler. The passenger compartment, roof and seat shell of BMW I3 are produced in-house by BMW factory

according to Conlon, the automatic production devices supplied to Benteler SGL include: a set of high-pressure estrim feeding device for epoxy resin addition process to avoid too high cost, two 1000 mold locking force molding machines for parts polymerization, five processing automatic machines for manipulating carbon fiber parts and finished parts, as well as relevant electronic control components, safety equipment and chemical storage facilities

the company said that its estrim (epoxy structure reaction injection molding) process is a faster epoxy resin parts production process than traditional resin transfer molding. The feeding device provided to Benteler SGL company uses the liquid tile distribution method of KANGLONG company, which deposits a formula resin liquid on the carbon fiber reinforced material only after repeated measurement of "Ribbon"

in the mold, the carbon fiber is immersed in a uniform film formed by the liquid. KANGLONG said that since there is no reactive resin flowing in the mold, the back pressure generated in the injection process is greatly reduced, which can be used in large tonnage mold locking force molding machines

this method has cost advantages, which can reduce the investment in molds and clamping tools, while reducing the energy consumption of each cycle, thereby saving production costs

according to Conlon, estrim mixing head technology can wait at least one minute to use rapid reaction formula materials, and the parts can be demoulded after three minutes

carbon fiber scraps produced in pre molding and trimming can be used for injection molding to save material costs

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