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Italian French semiconductor made its debut at the 2018 Munich Electronics Exhibition in Germany to show solutions to traditional automotive industry problems

o to show various industrial products, solutions and systems developed by partners to help industrial customers meet the major technical challenges they face

o to show products and solutions to traditional and latest technical problems for the automotive industry

China, November 12, 2018 - STMicroelectronics (abbreviated as St; NYSE Code: STM), the world's leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications, will participate in 2018 Munich Electronics (November 13-16, booth 101 in C3 Hall), Germany, to make industrial and automotive applications smarter and more efficient, and display world-class industrial and automotive semiconductor products and solutions

at this electronic exhibition in Munich, Germany, many exhibits and system demonstrations of STMicroelectronics are based on customer application examples, which will show the technological changes currently taking place in the two application fields of industry and automobile: 3D printing, high-power motor, operation condition monitoring equipment, railway defect identification detector based on artificial intelligence, asset tracker, 48V automobile subsystem, 77 GHz radar Tamper proof secure vehicle information service system, display audio software and many automotive subsystem modules, including LED lighting, as well as software and hardware integration solutions for industrial and automotive applications, and are equipped with various evaluation versions and development kits

make industrial applications smarter

the smart industry plan is making machines, factories and workplaces more networked and intelligent, and paying more attention to energy efficiency, reliability and safety. Due to the diversity and universality of industrial market demand and the demanding requirements of industrial applications, there is no general solution suitable for all industrial applications in the market. The key technical modules and professional knowledge of STMicroelectronics can help customers use their advanced products or complete systems to eliminate errors caused by improper selection of dial, and solve technical challenges. This ability will be fully demonstrated at the Munich Electronics Exhibition

the demonstration of smart factory control center will be a highlight of the smart factory exhibition area of Italian French semiconductor. Other demonstrations include machine operation status monitoring and predictive maintenance technology using STM32 microcontroller and AI enhancement technology to monitor vibration, as well as ultrasonic inspection, motor control, power and energy management, industrial sensors and nondestructive testing

st will also exhibit various communication connection and data security technologies, including secure cloud connection technology for edge computing, asset tracking, next-generation IOT connection, Bluetooth low-power network and NFC

make automotive applications more intelligent

with the development of assisted driving and autonomous driving technology, traditional internal combustion engine vehicles are turning to hybrid and electric technologies with higher energy efficiency and performance. Automobile manufacturers and their technology suppliers are reshaping the automotive platform and vehicle itself. As a leading technology and solution provider in the automotive industry, Italian French semi conducting lignin plastic is a composite material prepared by blending wood plastic with resin, plasticizer, inorganic filler, compatibilizer, pigment and other components. It will exhibit and demonstrate various traditional automotive application technology solutions and cutting-edge technologies specially designed on the next generation automotive platform

in order to show the development achievements of the automotive industry, the intelligent driving exhibition area of Italian French semiconductor will display technologies and products related to all major automotive subsystems. In particular, in terms of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) and safety information entertainment and on-board information service system, STMicroelectronics will show the driver monitoring image technology, radar detection, precise positioning, v2x communication and over the air download (OTA) system update in the compartment

engineers and marketers of STMicroelectronics will also demonstrate the design support technology of electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles, including complete solutions of silicon carbide based electric vehicle traction motor inverter, battery management system (BMS), on-board charger and acoustic vehicle alarm system (AVAs). In addition, the auto exhibition area will also focus on the expected global demand growth of about 50000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent powertrain, chassis and safety, body and convenience function applications in 2018

Technical Conference

Italian French semiconductor engineers will make the following technical speech at the 2018 Munich Electronics Show:

· Michael l TT, speech topic: silicon carbide the enabler of the emission free driving, place: Munich Electronics Show automotive Symposium (EAC) 2018, time: Monday, November 12, 14:30

· Amir Klug, lecture topic: Scala other ble semiconductor architecture and technology options for adas/ad features in future vehicles, location: b4.321 exhibition hall, Munich electronics auto forum, time: Thursday, November 15, 10:30

· Michael m nkel, speech topic: sigfox indoor performance for smart building and smart metering installations, place: wireless communication conference: systems and applications, time: Thursday, November 15, 15:00

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