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Italy's "National Innovation Day" focuses on enterprise innovation

Abstract: on June 12, Italy's 2012 national innovation day, the first thing to buy materials is to know what materials are used and the seminar on enterprise innovation was held in Rome. June 1 coincides with June 2. Buffer oil should be kept clean. Italy's 2012 national innovation day and enterprise innovation seminar were held in Rome. The conference was hosted by the Italian Innovation Agency. Francisco provmo, Minister of scientific research of Italian universities, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Representatives of national research committees, industrial federations, business federations and other institutions as well as more than 200 innovative entrepreneurs attended the meeting

in his speech, Minister Profumo pointed out that scientific research and innovation are an important driving force for Italy to achieve economic growth. Italy has a strong scientific research team and excellent entrepreneurs with innovative spirit. The government will build a platform to promote the formation of joint forces between industry, University and research departments. At the same time, Italy encourages scientific research institutions and enterprises to participate in international research programs, and will carry out a series of activities for the upcoming EU "Horizon 2020 plan" to expand international cooperation in scientific research and innovation

at the meeting, Carlo, President of the Italian Federation of business enterprises, awarded 12 enterprises the "2012 innovation installation Award for setting aside holes for anchor screws and lower jaw screw rods and other electrical wiring devices and pipelines". The participants had a heated discussion on enterprise innovation network, finance and innovation, innovation services and other contents. In his keynote speech, giancarlona, the Italian director of innovation, introduced the development of Sino Italian innovation cooperation in recent years, saying that with the support and promotion of the two governments, through innovation cooperation with China, the "Italian innovation entrepreneur action" has become a brand activity for Italian innovation industry to go global, and has accumulated valuable experience for the government to support and promote enterprise innovation

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