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Ferrari all terrain multi-function miniature tractor in Italy

Ferrari series miniature tractors are light and flexible, easy to operate, diverse in functions, and low in cost. They are suitable for the aging labor structure in rural areas and the reality of decentralized land management, as well as the mechanized operation of hilly, mountainous and greenhouse agriculture

Ferrari 320/330 Series tractors are equipped with 5.5, 11 horsepower 5, starting beam motor gasoline engine or diesel engine, using automotive clutch reduction gear box design technology. The engine output shaft is connected with the conical friction clutch in the gearbox, and the power enters and then goes in two ways. One way is transmitted to the driving wheel of the tractor through speed change, and the other way is transmitted to the PTO of the power take-off port after deceleration to drive various power agricultural machines and tools, such as rotary tillage head, grass cutting head, water pump, pesticide spraying head, seedling transplanting head, grass cutting head, water pump, deep ploughing head, tree digging head, feed crusher, branch cutter, straw pressure stick machine, snow sweeping and snow throwing machine and various crop harvesting machines and tools. Of course, Ferrari tractors can also be equipped with ordinary single and double moldboard ploughs, ditching ploughs, and short haul transport trucks

power output from PTO to drive the above motorized agricultural implements no longer requires each implement to be equipped with an engine to drive them separately. Farmers only need to maintain a gasoline engine or diesel engine, which can complete all kinds of farm work all year round, saving money and eliminating the trouble of maintaining multiple engines

according to the needs, the operating handle of the tractor can be rotated at any angle. The agricultural machine hand can be in front of the machine (transplanting seedlings), behind the machine (cutting grass), or even on the side of the machine (farming). Unlike the open cooperative belt transmission or chain transmission of ordinary agricultural machines and tools while competing, Ferrari adopts the transmission mode of closed gearbox, which is not only safe and reliable, but also has the advantages of convenient operation and long service life. When the molten material cools and solidifies after filling, it will not jump due to uneven soil or gravel, unlike a simple rotary tiller that grasps the ground with a rotary tiller. The rotary tiller head is enclosed in the protective cover, which is not easy to cause personal injury accidents due to the hinge of the trouser leg

since the body can be small, light and flexible only by making the ordinary foundation according to the foundation drawing and leaving the anchor screw hole for pouring, Ferrari can easily drill into orchards, tea gardens, greenhouses, and do agricultural work that medium and large-scale or walking tractors cannot do. Due to high transmission efficiency and low unit energy consumption, it reduces farmers' use costs, saves energy and reduces emissions, and is also conducive to environmental protection. Especially in the greenhouse, the exhaust gas emission is reduced and the air pollution in the greenhouse is reduced, which is not only conducive to human health, but also conducive to the growth of crops

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