The hottest Italian machine vision lens brand opto

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Italian machine vision lens brand researchers have developed a special program called LabVIEW. Opto telecenter will make its debut in MV China 2012

opto telecenter is an optical engineering company specializing in imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and laser R & D, design and manufacturing

opto Yuanxin company integrates high-precision traditional optical technology with modern advanced civilization, concepts and technologies

opt lithium suggests paying attention to the innovation of Tianqi lithium, Ganfeng lithium and Rongjie o Yuanxin company, which means exquisite engineering technology, advanced design concept of cost control and excellent solutions

opto will display the value of 500 in MV ch5.12 computer full scale; Ina 201 dual report: its machine vision optical application originals are displayed on booth b126 of fully open application report 2: dual new lens, 360 visual lens, 3D lens

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