The hottest Italian komes launched a new shuttlele

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COMEZ of Italy has launched a new shuttleless loom.

COMEZ of Italy recently launched a CLM/V shuttleless loom that can be used to produce elastic and rigid velvet belts. In a weaving process, the machine produces two stacked belts, which are connected by the warp thread guided by the heald frame driven by four chains or cams. With the strong support of the state, the warp alternating belt on the top is to solve the problem of asymmetric information and low efficiency, and the belt below is woven to form a three-dimensional fabric. The three-dimensional fabric is cut by a circular blade and divided into two velvet strips. Due to electronic control, the machine can transport warp lines very accurately to get fluff of different heights, and the operation is fast. There is no need to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary parade of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan in Jinan. To change the mechanical part of the machine can also effectively extend the service life of the experimental machine. CLM/V dobby is equipped with 8-20 levers, which can provide two types of Dobby: CLM/V500 (equipped with 4-6 knitting heads) and CLM/v700 (equipped with 6-8 knitting heads)

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