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Noramont company of Italy produces starch based biodegradable plastics

noramont company of Italy produces starch based biodegradable plastics. The trade name is "mat2.9 curve traversal: after the experiment, the market becomes prosperous, er Bi", which is mainly used for packaging materials, compost bags, sanitary products, disposable tableware, agricultural mulch, etc. The market scale has increased from 4 The shearing system is composed of shearing oil cylinder, front and rear beams, parallel rods, shearing intermediate tension plates, upper and lower friction plates, top blocks, connecting pins and shearing cars The double acting servo cylinder is used to apply the experimental force, supported by the shear car, and the floating cylinder adjusts the vertical shear height Adjust the horizontal position of the loading device to ensure the accuracy of the shear force and improve the accuracy of the experiment The double acting servo cylinder, connecting rod, friction plate, shear car, floating cylinder and guide rail form a transverse shear system The 24KT in 2001 increased to 120kt in 2003

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