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There are hidden worries in the development of manufacturing industry. PLM improves the level of made in China

when enjoying "made in China" products with good quality and low price all over the world, some manufacturers are facing a crisis of trust, and their products are beginning to be frequently questioned

for every four pairs of socks in the world, one pair is made in China. Seventy percent of the toys in the world are also made in China. Similarly, internationally renowned clothing companies are also inseparable from China. High quality and low-cost Chinese textiles and preferential clothing processing costs are becoming the first choice for these companies to create more wealth

when enjoying "made in China" products with good quality and low price all over the world, some manufacturers are facing a crisis of trust, and some products are beginning to be frequently questioned

in this case, product lifecycle management (PLM), as the management of product information in the process from the proposal of product concept to the withdrawal of products from the market, began to receive extensive attention from enterprises

many manufacturers involved in PLM also believe that PLM can not only help enterprises resolve the current crisis, but also become an effective way to improve the level of manufacturing industry

toy manufacturer Zhentai company is a typical toy OEM (original equipment manufacturer) manufacturer. Huang Dazhi, director of its production department, said that after the company introduced PTC PLM, Zhentai's R & D ability has been increasingly consolidated. Now it has changed from a typical toy OEM manufacturer to an ODM (original design and manufacturing accuracy manufacturer) manufacturer

the rapidly growing market

plm is not only a technology, but also a business step

plm provides a series of compatible solutions that support collaborative manufacturing, management and dissemination. Moreover, in the stage of extending the conceptual design of the enterprise to the end of the production cycle, the release of product information is used to integrate human resources, processing procedures, business models and information. In this sense, PLM organizes the product information center of the company and its extended enterprises

therefore, by implementing PLM, Chinese manufacturing enterprises can realize quality control in all links, including raw material control, product production process control, distribution, after-sales and so on. More importantly, PLM can shorten the R & D, marketing and sales cycle of products and help Chinese enterprises carry out independent innovation

As a new industry, PLM brings innovation in products and production processes, which is the foundation of many companies in the initial stage

at present, China's manufacturing industry is in a transformation process from scale to product innovation and is no longer a traditional sculpture to improve product quality. It is generally used in research institutes, colleges and universities, metallurgical steel manufacturing, shipbuilding and other industries. In this process, PLM takes products as the core, and scientifically and effectively manages the generation and change of product data at all stages of the product life cycle, which will effectively improve product quality

in addition, Chinese enterprises cannot always stay at the level of taking low cost as the main advantage, and the advantage of human resources will gradually be replaced by the advantage of ability. In this process, PLM, which provides impetus for innovation, has a lot of room to play

at the beginning of this year, the research data released by cimdata showed that the entire PLM market increased by 10.4% in 2006, reaching US $20.1 billion. It is expected that the investment of LM in P dual space structure will continue to grow at an average rate of 8.5% in the next five years, and its market share will exceed US $30billion by 2011

there is no doubt about the importance of PLM for enterprises. However, at present, Chinese enterprises have some problems in both their cognition of PLM and their deployment of PLM

plm cognition has misunderstandings

billboswell, senior director of product marketing at Siemens ugsteamcenter, also believes that many companies have misunderstandings when choosing PLM Software at present

"on the one hand, enterprises pay very careful attention to the product life cycle, and they need to meet current needs and solve existing problems; on the other hand, from a broader perspective (that is, the difference between coping with competition and leading the industry), this process is inevitably a little short-sighted." Billboswell said

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