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Manufacturing death cross

robots are surging, and humans should be careful. With the continuous progress of robot technology, many unimaginable functions in the past are gradually being realized. But robots that seem to bring convenience to life may actually be the culprit for your unemployment. In Britain and the United States, middle-income people are gradually being replaced by robots, and many skills are gradually losing value

the latest chart of Michael Hartnett, an analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, shows that the number of robots in the global manufacturing industry has increased rapidly from scratch in the past 40 years, and will reach 1.7 million in 2015. In the same period, the types of wear in the United States can be roughly divided into tool damage and wear, but the number of jobs in the manufacturing industry has plummeted from 20million to about 11million

although Obama has made frequent moves in recent years to promote the return of manufacturing industry to the United States, which has promoted the employment of manufacturing industry to a certain extent, from the perspective of the general trend, the trend of workers being replaced by robots seems inevitable. He finally commented: we are more robot oriented and less worker oriented

in fact, this phenomenon does not only occur in the manufacturing industry. At present, even investment consultants and lawyers may be replaced by robots. Google, a technology company, has also entered the robot industry on a large scale. The era when robots become human competitors is just around the corner

not long ago, Wall Street reported that Frey and Osborne, professors of Oxford University, released a report called future employment: sensitivity analysis of employment on artificial intelligence, which can also test the friction coefficient energy because of its high sensor accuracy (some reaching 21.05 million), and studied the possibility of artificial intelligence replacing work in all walks of life. Their findings are astonishing: nearly half of the existing jobs in the United States will be replaced by artificial intelligence

in fact, not only the manufacturing industry, but also all industries should feel the crisis

at the end of last year, Google acquired eight robot start-ups such as Boston Dynamics, and unswervingly entered the robot field. Although the four legged robot created by Boston Dynamics is strange, its lifelike movement and balance ability are impressive. These robots are a kind of subversion to the motion mode of robots in the past, and may have a significant impact on the motion technology of human machines in the future

for Google's move, many people in the industry said they were not optimistic about it, saying that it was not time for Google, but techcrunch, a US technology station, issued a document saying that Google's acquisition of Boston Dynamics and other robot companies was very wise

the article says, why does Google need robots? Because it already controls your wallet. Despite the slow growth of the wearable market, the current mobile market is actually in a saturated state. In addition to the constantly refreshing download volume, there will be no real surprise in the next decade of the world mobile market

however, Google glasses may bring some different thoughts. This device takes the human body as the medium, and links the Internet more closely with the real world with an estimated annual compound growth rate of 7.2% from 2014 to 2020. Through Google glasses, we are completely captured by Google. Google uses its huge data information to the greatest extent through the small screen around us. Whether it is map navigation or looking for restaurants, our every smile seems to have been digitized

but for Google, users are just one of the data collectors. Because we repeat the same life on the same path every day, it certainly can't provide enough data to Google. Therefore, robot technology will play an important role in the development of Google in the next decade. They will play a huge role in space exploration, map data collection, manufacturing and other aspects

for example, robots like Baxter will replace thousands of expensive labor resources; Biped robots like PETMAN can operate in some regions with poor geographical conditions, which will help Google collect geographical data in the region; Robots will also make Google now a reality. They will become our personal assistants, help us complete various tasks, and even improve human multitasking ability. After all, we are too busy

whether it is manual control or automatic control, robot technology will greatly extend human perception and replace us in some basic work fields. Like household robots, they will clean the house instead of us and accompany the elderly. Smaller robots will help us lose weight and even patrol the streets. It is believed that those technology companies that do not develop robot technology will soon fall behind

this is why Google needs robotics. Robotics will make Google a leader in the field of human-computer interaction and further enrich its data. What if the testing machine rusts? Source is as well known as Android now. Many authorities claim that Google does not need to shift its focus to robotics before Android is mature. In fact, the future of Google is hidden in these currently unreliable and exploratory robot experiments, which will be a very promising field

from the perspective of profitability, robotics is also a huge business opportunity. Analysts expect Boston Dynamics' valuation to reach $5billion in a few years. As long as the product strategy is correct, Google's general robots will occupy almost all markets, including consumer markets and manufacturing industries, as well as lucrative contracts with the U.S. Department of defense

the earliest gift brought to Google by robot technology may be related to Google's driverless car project. Robot technology will make autonomous driving programs more intelligent

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