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Manufacturing equipment sharing 4trillion "cake" domestic demand recovery

4trillion investment is slowly showing its impact on our performance. Tuzhiqing, the Secretary of Jinyi industry, the largest fastener manufacturer in China, said that the domestic demand is very good, which is first reflected in the orders of high-speed railway. On May 24, we signed a large unit of 330million yuan with Nanjing Hangzhou railway. Before that, we had 1.6 billion yuan of high-speed rail orders on hand

Jinyi industry is the only enterprise that can produce 250 km and 350 km high-speed rail fasteners, and it has also obtained the technical review of its products by the Ministry of railways. With its technical strength, the company now occupies 20% of China's high-speed rail fastener market

tuzhiqing said that the road sections that the company has won the bid include Beijing Shijiazhuang, Shijiazhuang Wuhan, Hangzhou Nanjing, Harbin Dalian high-speed rail projects, etc. According to the estimation of Orient Securities, at least 4000 kilometers of high-speed rail orders can be released in China this year. Therefore, Tu Zhiqing is also confident that this business will continue to grow this year

the strong recovery of domestic economy has also brought good news to shipbuilding enterprises

since the end of last year, Hangzhou Dongfeng Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng ship) received the tug order with stable and reliable mechanical performance, there are also orders entering this year

Jiangsu Rongsheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rongsheng heavy industry), the largest private shipbuilding enterprise at present, recently received orders for 10 bulk carriers from Minsheng financial leasing, about 3 billion yuan. At present, there is an intersection between products. Rongsheng heavy industry is still negotiating another batch of large oil tanker orders with a number of ship owners

a senior executive of Rongsheng heavy industry said that last year, the company had only two orders, one was bulk carriers, and the other was the 12 super large ore carriers with a load of 400000 tons built for vale. And its order taking volume this year will be better than last year, especially the stability of inland shipping, which gives shipbuilding enterprises some opportunities

but he also pointed out that even now there will be some new orders, the life of the small boat factory is not particularly easy, and most of the customers who talk about orders with us are old customers. In the case of economic instability, their trust in large shipyards may be stronger

Figures from Clarkson, an authoritative ship consulting organization, show that the market is showing its dawn: in April this year, new orders signed worldwide were 9.51 million tons, the highest number of new orders signed in a single month since September 2008. While the number of new orders signed in China is 40, and under the condition of continuously improving product performance and quality, 70000 DWT, up 65% month on month, accounting for 43% of the world

for machinery manufacturers, domestic demand is gradually recovering, but overseas demand is still weak

Tao Xiongwei's enterprise basically does not contact the ship owners who are experiencing the sovereign debt crisis, nor dare to easily accept overseas orders. This year, there was a chance to receive a large order of 1billion yuan, but there were some problems in the measurement, and I didn't dare to accept it

first of all, the pipes of such ships need to be imported from abroad, and the welding of aluminum plates cannot find suitable talents in China. If these two items are not handled well, the shipbuilding time will be delayed. The company can only accept the high punishment of the owner, and the fine is more than 100000 yuan per day

secondly, the ship owner will appoint a design company to do the design. It is not ruled out that the design company will constantly modify the scheme, which will also delay the shipbuilding time, and also bring great risks to the enterprise and be punished

the above problems are related to the financial crisis

Tao Xiongwei told me that when the ship market was good, shipowners rarely haggled over every penny and hoped to get the ship as soon as possible. Now the wind direction change cupping experimental machine: the main part of this experimental machine includes the hydraulic system, the main engine, the hydraulic control cabinet and the microcomputer control system. The ship owner should reduce the price through punishment, negotiation and other methods, and the review of the ship quality has become very harsh, which makes the shipyard constantly rework to delay the time

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