Application of the most popular UV screen printing

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Application of UV printing foaming ink

Hong Kong Lee Ink Co., Ltd. recently launched UV printing foaming ink. It can be widely used for printing high-end packaging boxes and nameplates, such as pet gold and silver cardboard, PC, PVC, PET film, ABS, mirror metal plate, and accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. The ink features that the printed pattern lines are foamed and raised after UV curing treatment, which presents a unique three-dimensional effect with the reflective substrate. At the same time, the ink film cured by the ink has good adhesion and good toughness. Because the ink does not contain any volatile matter, there will be no blockage

this ink generally does not need to be diluted in use. How much do you know about the software functions and performance characteristics of the tensile peel tester? If the ink is too thick, UV special diluent should be added; The ink should be cured immediately after printing to prevent the expansion of the pattern lines. 3. In 2015, the curing condition is 80W/cm and the time is 3~5s

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