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Why is the low rate of return in manufacturing? Abstract: compared with some traditional industries, high-end people in financial and IT enterprises can directly create huge value, so the proportion of benefit distribution is also larger. Although the employees of manufacturing enterprises have made a lot of efforts, the direct value created is limited, and they need to share income with other production factors

5) the financial and it industries have the attribute of allocating resources, and it is reasonable to obtain "excess" returns. The manufacturing industry can imagine that the cost of equipment is too large, and the cost of human resources should be shared on this basis

the marginal cost of IT industry is much lower than that of general entities. In some cases, it is almost slow cooling to reduce the internal stress of products 0

factories produce one more screw and real estate enterprises build one more house, which requires real materials and manpower. No matter how efficient the large-scale production and high-tech equipment are, it is inevitable to make actual investment

but it is different: on a certain scale, the cost of an app serving 5million people and 6million people may be the same, but the income has become higher (regardless of the promotion cost of all industries)

in traditional service industries such as call center and foot washing City, the number of customers that a single person can serve is always limited, and the benefits that technology can bring are not much improved. However, the technological development of the IT industry can enable a single programmer to serve thousands of users, so that the production efficiency can be greatly improved, thereby enhancing the profits of enterprises. Under the fixed technology level, it enterprises have great cost advantages, and with the progress of technology, their growth momentum will only pull physical enterprises farther and farther away

China pays more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection

compared with some traditional industries, high-end people in financial and IT enterprises can directly create huge value, so the proportion of benefit distribution is also larger

although employees of manufacturing entities have made a lot of efforts, the direct value created is limited, and they need to share income with other production factors

manufacturing is the foundation of China's economic development. Why do engineers not make much money

take engineer as an example: an engineer who is proficient in technology has made great efforts to become an expert, but in practical work, he often only plays an important role, not a major role. For example, building a hydropower plant, first of all, is not something that one engineer can do, but requires several engineer teams, involving different fields. Secondly, technical guidance alone is far from enough. It also requires the purchase of equipment, construction and other steps. The completion of a hydropower plant involves many complex links, and each link cannot be said to be unimportant. Therefore, for high-end talents in each link, no matter how strong their ability is, they can't get most of the cake

for the financial industry, for example, to do an IPO: oneortwo powerful pimps take the list, and then a business team completes the required paperwork, and then cooperate with the sales team to sell the shares. After deducting the expenses of third-party institutions, the income of tens of millions of dollars will be obtained. The total number of personnel involved is often only dozens or even dozens, and there is no investment in mechanical equipment; Under this premise, the income of high-end talents can naturally be very high

it is the same concept: oneortwo people or a small team develop a prototype of software/station/hardware, get the initial income and investor capital injection by attracting market attention, then improve the product, then promote it on a large scale, and finally achieve exponential growth (on the premise of product success)

in the whole chain of value creation, technology and creativity are the most important. The processes of manufacturing products/deploying services are often outsourced. How much money did Apple make, and how much fell into the pockets of Foxconn workers? In many IT industry wealth legends, although the means of large-scale production/deployment services similar to traditional industries are also used, the core products/services still come from the technology and creativity of high-end talents, which is irreplaceable, so it is bound to be able to allocate core benefits

globalization and technological progress have increased the employment choices of enterprises, thus weakening the bargaining power of employees in many real economies and lowering wages; Compared with the high salary in finance and it industry, it seems disharmonious

long ago, an ordinary worker in the United States could have a decent income. In the United States, there are trade unions and other mechanisms to fight for welfare for the middle and low-level people. In addition, the society is basically relatively affluent and can afford relatively expensive labor costs. Therefore, even if you are a screw in the real economy, you will have a good income. But after globalization and the third technological revolution, many jobs that can be done abroad or for machines with lower costs have been outsourced. Such jobs tend to disappear in the United States, and people have to engage in occupations with higher thresholds, which means that the bargaining power of the labor force is reduced

strikes in the past could raise wages, but now they may be directly replaced by workers and even robots in China and Southeast Asia. China is the beneficiary of globalization. In addition, the protection of the rights and interests of employees in the past is not strong, so it is not easy to realize that 8. The two driving screws of the compression testing machine must be properly lubricated. The lubricating oil shall be the mechanical oil specified by the manufacturer. When refueling, the dust shield at the opening of the two columns must be removed and brushed with a brush, so that the oil does not flow downward This, however, will become more and more obvious in the future (for example, the overall income growth will slow down). 3. Spring tension compression fatigue test engine oil pump forced lubrication mechanism: it has a high-frequency working state

on the contrary, because high-income people in the finance and it industries are difficult to be threatened by globalization and technological progress; Globalization and technological progress have brought a larger market and higher efficiency to the financial and it industries, so in general, the salary level of high-end talents in these two industries is increasing (in fact, not only these two industries, but also traditional industries are experiencing polarization under the general trend)

China's manufacturing industry still needs time to precipitate

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