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Product packaging and product sales

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with the homogenization of products, what can attract consumers more? The famous DuPont law points out that about 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on the packaging and decoration of goods. It is precisely because of this that the current market economy is called eyeball economy. Only by attracting the attention of consumers can brands be accepted by consumers and products be purchased by consumers. Packaging has determined the consumer behavior of whether consumers buy or not. An experienced dealer can judge its early market performance by taking a look at the packaging and printing of new products. Therefore, enterprises must take advantage of the impact of packaging to complete their product promotion and brand building. Today, China paper takes you into product packaging and introduces the relevant contents in detail

beer enterprises are relatively deficient in improving product packaging, pay more attention to the later market operation, and use more marketing skills such as advertising and promotional activities to impress consumers, believing that consumers can make a purchase decision before they see the product. Under the influence of this idea, product packaging is disconnected from subsequent marketing activities, Form monotonous beer packaging: glass beer bottles have an absolute advantage. The capacity and style have always been the 640ml standard, which dominates the world, but some of them have more patterns on the neck and bottom; The trademark finally gets rid of the stiff image of neck logo and body logo, and is dominated by aluminum foil. This domestic mainstream packaging method has been eliminated in foreign countries. The backwardness of packaging has become the biggest gap between domestic beer and imported beer

seeing the beer on the counter is exquisite, but I have the same impression of deja vu. It is difficult to choose between them. I plan to build a national base for research and industrialized utilization of new graphite materials. This loss of consumer psychology is the negation of the existing packaging of beer. A new understanding of the role of product packaging is closely related to the future market, which is 50% lighter than steel

I. The role of product packaging in product sales

1. Packaging is a kind of sales force. "Han Feizi, the Foreign Reserve said on the upper left" records a story of "buying a pearl and returning it": a person in the state of Zheng bought a pearl with a beautiful wooden box from a merchant in the state of Chu, and unexpectedly left the box and returned the Pearl to the merchant in the state of Chu. In a sense, the main interface integrates multiple functions in one. It is the magical packaging effect of "fine matching beautiful beads" that attracts customers, successfully attracts consumers' attention, and makes them have the impulse to buy. If this pearl is placed in a broken paper bag, no matter how precious it is, I believe no one will pay attention to it

in today's extremely rich commodities, consumers pay attention to each product for a very short time. We must seize the moment when consumers' eyes sweep through the shelves. Only packaging can make comprehensive use of colors, shapes, materials and other elements, while showing the connotation and information of products, brands and other enterprises, highlighting the common interests of products and consumers, forming a more intuitive impact on consumers, and then affecting consumers' impression of products and enterprises, so that products can be prominently placed on shelves, effectively achieving the purpose of attracting consumers. The packaging of products first shows the sales force and bears the main function of attracting consumers

this summer, a streamlined high-capacity cup with bright colors and exaggerated shapes has attracted a lot of attention. Many people on the street are drinking slowly with this kind of cup. In fact, these cups are McDonald's promotional activities in this summer. They use containers for Coca Cola. Due to their unique shape, it has caused a boom in the market. The originally planned six week event ended early because the cups were used up in advance. The reason why McDonald's succeeded in this activity is that it made use of the sales force generated by the packaging. People have been accustomed to the simple shape of beverage packaging. The so-called "colorful natural color cup" adopted by McDonald's successfully captured the eyes of consumers, and thus achieved success

2. Packaging is a kind of recognition. The reason why "buying pearls for pearls" is regarded as a joke is that the packaging function of "pearls for pearls" has deviated. The reason is that the exquisite packaging box "for Magnolia cabinet", then "smoked with cinnamon pepper", and "decorated with jewelry" has "covered up" the luster of the treasures in the box. No wonder Zheng people don't love treasures but beauty. Although it has successfully attracted consumers, it has left the product behind after buying packaging. The fundamental reason is that the core of packaging does not highlight the appeal of pearls (products). Such product packaging is also a failure. Although today's consumers will not 'buy the beer and return the Pearl', they also need to let consumers see the packaging and fully understand the functions and characteristics of the product after pouring out the beer and taking away the bottle. The packaging of a product cannot only require beautiful design, but also enable the product to speak by itself, and appropriately express the functions and characteristics of the product. The size of its communication power in front of consumers directly affects the performance of a product in the market

3. Packaging is a brand power. The 21st century has entered the era of brand consumption, and also entered the era of personalized consumption. Consumers do not buy goods simply to meet material needs, but pay more attention to the personal satisfaction and spiritual pleasure that goods can bring to themselves, which depends on packaging in terms of senses. Packaging, as the external expression of a brand, is what an enterprise wants its brand to feel to consumers. The differences it produces and the "brand characteristics" it shows make it the leading factor to attract consumers. The material and spiritual interests carried by packaging are what consumers buy. The brand represented by packaging should form a brand in the mind and fully show the connotation of the brand. If the connotation is not or is not prominent, and consumers hear and see the packaging without association, the brand will become passive water

4. Packaging is a cultural force. The core of packaging is not only reflected in the appearance image, but also the integration between personality and affinity, so as to effectively show the culture it carries

for example, in the marketing of mineral water, because the taste is difficult to distinguish, various manufacturers have adopted packaging to attract consumers. Some fashionable and brightly colored bottled water has been favored by consumers. The newly added waist matching function, but with its unique carrying function and convenient drinking, it has won the recognition of a specific consumer group - youth consumer group. The characteristics of the "new new human" and "floating generation" of contemporary teenagers are to publicize their personality, express themselves, cool and fashionable, which are synonymous with them. It is natural for the "new human" to have a practical and "dazzling" way to be accepted. Here, the product packaging once again explains the concept of "who caters to the consumer culture and who obtains the market"

5. Packaging is a kind of affinity. Product packaging is consumer centered, to meet the different needs of consumers, while bringing affinity to consumers

it can be seen from the above that packaging plays an increasingly important role in marketing and is endowed with more functions. Packaging is no longer considered a waste of resources, but has become an important part of marketing strategy. If you want to make your product packaging good in the market, you can see from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder. You must reflect the marketing intention on the packaging

2. Product packaging is the embodiment of marketing intention

1. It is unified with marketing recognition

a: unified with the basic color of marketing. The basic color used in packaging is the designated color used to symbolize the characteristics of the company or product. In the process of product information transmission, it constitutes a clear visual recognition effect with consumers in the market competition. Packaging gives full play to the communication function of basic color, which reflects the relationship between color and marketing concept, reflects a kind of product information transmission, and reflects the business philosophy of enterprises and the characteristics of products. Through the use of basic colors, the packaging strengthens the visual impact, makes the packaging effect infectious, and creates the visual induction effect to the greatest extent

b: identity unity with marketing. Marketing logo has the most information transmission function of product visual cognition and recognition. With the help of unique identification, product packaging distinguishes competitive enterprises and their products. Through the visual symbols of overall planning and design, product packaging forms a unique personality and strong impact, so that the packaging reflects the business philosophy, cultural characteristics, content and characteristics of products, and directly affects consumers' confidence in commodity quality and corporate identity

2. Unity with the times of marketing. Facing the rapid development of society, the ever-changing life and ideology, and the continuous market competition, modern enterprises must have distinctive characteristics of the times

3. Unity of differences with marketing. To highlight the differences between competitive enterprises, we should have novel and unique ideas, express the personality characteristics of the enterprise, and express them in visual artistic language. Packaging should inject the thoughts and concepts of corporate culture, so as to convey a distinctive and unique corporate image and achieve the purpose of differentiation strategy. Packaging is not only a pattern design, but also to transform the conceptual image of the product into a visual image. Through vision, we can feel the concept, create not only commercial value but also artistic appreciation value, and express it with vivid and specific perceptual images, so as to deepen the theme of the logo, so as to achieve the purpose of accurately transmitting enterprise information

4. Demand unity with marketing. The product packaging should be suitable for consumer psychology and have a clear explanation, directly convey the product or brand to the audience, synchronously transmit information with vision and hearing, strengthen the appeal of corporate image and brand, foil the image, and make the meaning of signs and standard fonts more complete and easy to identify. Every detail is carefully considered, reflecting a personality, an attitude, and even a belief of the brand. To achieve this goal, the packaging designed after scientific analysis and positioning is best tested on the shelves of shopping malls in advance to see whether this packaging can enter the minds of target consumers and make continuous improvement until it becomes perfect$ Page break $

III. from the perspective of marketing, beer packaging

1. Miniaturization of capacity. Domestic beer packaging has always been dominated by large bottles of 640ml, and small bottles of beer less than 500ml account for a small proportion. However, from the perspective of convenience and safety, small bottles are undoubtedly better than large bottles. Dulujun, Secretary General of the beer branch of China Brewing Industry Association, pointed out that the development trend in the future is that beer bottles will develop to small capacity, mainly 300-500ml

small bottles of beer have many advantages. In a tasting experiment, we took out a small bottle of 330ml and a 640ml beer product. The actual content is the same, but the result of tasting is that the taste of the small bottle is better and the grade of the product is higher. The small bottle first gives people a delicate feeling, which determines its grade and taste. Grade and taste are important factors that determine the purchasing power of beer. Small bottles of beer with exquisite packaging will dominate the popular trend of beer

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