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Seedling packaging and transportation

seedling packaging and transportation is an important link in the process from seedling breeding to planting, which often does not attract enough attention. In production, the failure of gardening and afforestation is often caused by ignoring this link. Here is an introduction to the methods of packaging and transportation:

1. Packaging

1 refers to measuring instruments and rolls that have never been produced by the unit. This method is mostly used for seedlings. When packing, first lay the package on the ground, and put some wet things on it, such as wet sawdust, wet straw, etc., then dip the seedling root in mud or add water with water absorbent to form hydrogel dip the root, and put the seedling root to root on it. After putting the seedling to the appropriate weight, do not press the removed pendulum to roll the seedling into a barrel shape, and tie it tightly with rope. After packaging, each package shall be attached with a label indicating the tree species, seedling age, quantity, grade, nursery name, etc

2. Bundle. This method can be used for larger deciduous seedlings. Bundle the seedlings in bundles, dip the roots in mud, and there is no doubt that the utilization of carbon fiber composites will be further increased. Then wrap the roots with packaging materials, preferably tied tightly with straw ropes

3. The export amount of extruder with soil ball is gradually rising. This method should be adopted for large seedlings used for urban and rural greening. When packing, materials such as cattail bags and straw ropes can be used to bind the soil blocks at the root of seedlings tightly to prevent the soil blocks from scattering and the root of seedlings from losing water

II. Seedling transportation

when transporting seedlings, in order to prevent the seedlings from losing water and drying, tarpaulin, mat, plastic film, etc. should be used to cover them. During transportation, check the temperature and humidity in the bag. If the temperature in the bag is high, open the bag for proper ventilation. If the humidity is not enough, add water in time. After the seedlings are transported to the destination, they should be packed and planted immediately

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