Packaging and storage of the hottest honey

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Packaging and storage of honey

I. packaging of honey:

honey is a weak acidic liquid, which can oxidize metals. Therefore, non-metallic containers such as tanks, wooden barrels, plastic barrels, etc. should be used for packaging, and special packaging containers should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry. In areas with high honey production, honey storage pools can be established, and can also be stored in wooden barrels or water tanks. The barrels and tanks used should not have peculiar smell. The packed honey should not be full, especially when it is transported, 25% - 30% space should be reserved to prevent the honey from overflowing during fermentation or bursting the container when it is heated and vibrated. Put the honey in a dry, clean, ventilated and tasteless room, and keep the room temperature at 5-10 ℃. Do not put the honey bucket in the open air for a long time, but transfer it in time to ensure the quality of honey

II. Honey storage:

honey has the characteristics of absorbing peculiar smell, moisture absorption, fermentation and deterioration. The following matters should be paid attention to

1. storage by flower seeds

honey of different flower species has different color, fragrance and taste, so it should be stored separately to prevent mixing. 2. Keep clean. Sometimes, due to poor work, when there are still pollen pieces, wax flakes, bee wings, bee feet, ash sand and even bee carcasses in the honey, the honey can be placed in a higher barrel and placed in a dry room with higher temperature for precipitation. The precipitation time is 3 days at 20 ℃ and 10 hours at 35 ℃. The sundries have sunk, and the light ones float on the surface, so they can be fished out and stored

3. avoid fermentation

yeast often exists in honey, which will decompose some sugar in honey. Immature honey, with high water content, is suitable for yeast reproduction. It is easy to become sour and should not be stored. Therefore, the honey must be treated before storage. The method is to put the honey into a large mouth container, open it and put it in a dry, ventilated room with a temperature above 25 ℃ for several days, evaporate the excess water, and store it after it is fully expanded into a range for 4 years

4. Prevent moisture absorption and odor absorption

according to the test, when honey dew is placed indoors with a relative humidity of 81%, the water content can increase to 32% after 3 months. Therefore, it is best to use sealed porcelain or pots, jars, bowls and other pottery, and store them in a dry, ventilated room with a temperature of 5-10 ℃. If the container cannot be sealed by an enterprise with a seal of less than 1billion yuan, it is forbidden to put items with strong smell in the storage room at the same time to prevent honey from absorbing peculiar smell

5. Crystallization of honey

crystallization is another characteristic of honey. Crystalline honey has three shapes: greasy, fine-grained and coarse-grained. The honey becomes thicker and lighter in color after crystallization, and can be recovered only by heating and melting. Light colored honey crystallizes and is ground with a stone mill to form a white greasy cheese state. Temperature and honey are also used in printed circuit boards and industrial special yarns. Regular replacement of oil absorption filters and filter elements will affect the crystallization of honey. The crystallization speed and morphology of honey in different flowers are also different. Crystallized honey is conducive to storage and transportation. In order to speed up crystallization, 0.5% old honey can be mixed into honey. The honey supplied in bottle and bag packaging can be heated in a double-layer pot to keep its appearance transparent and liquid and prevent crystallization. During treatment, the outer layer is filled with water and the inner layer is filled with honey. When the honey temperature reaches 71 ℃, keep it for a few minutes, then remove the fire, let it stand for a day, skim the surface foam, put it into a sterilized glass bottle, and seal it

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